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Getting tyre smart

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Born from the vision to bridge the gap between production and profitability M&M Tyre and wheel solutions pride themselves in being an optimised operations solutions provider and not an average rubber track and tyre dealer. With a keen eye for innovation and profitability Managing Director, Morne Muller recently launched the first ever hot slag chainless tyres in Africa. Manufactured by Ty Cushion Tires Taiwan, whose Sub-Saharan agency belongs to M & M Tyres, hot slag tyres are produced through a process in which metals are extracted from raw materials in a heated process. The slag is then drained at a temperature of approximately 500 ◦C.

“The advantages of this new product will not only impact the cost implications of production but also increase the productivity of the machinery using this hot slag tyres” explains Mr. Muller. Research conducted shows that chains are more likely to retain the heat in their working environments resulting in the abrasion of tyres, while the chainless hot slag tyres completely eliminates heat retention and the slag used to manufacture the tyres facilitates rapid cooling.

To further ascertain the credibility of this new product offering, a site test was conducted using a heat gun with results indicating the special heat resistant compound found in these tyres significantly reduce the temperature of the tyres with the front tyres reaching a maximum of 70◦C and the rear tyres reaching a low of 45◦C.

Aimed at the mining industry and smelters in Sub-Saharan Africa, this new tyres is in alignment with safety regulations eliminating the possibility of bursting which is a common occurrence with air tyres. “With an expected lifespan of 2.2 times more than the current products in the market hot slag tyres are set to shake the tyre market for years to come comments” Mr. Muller.

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