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“M and M Tyre and Wheel Solutions Pty Ltd developed and manufactures a Flat Free Pivot wheel which is maintenance free, guaranteed for 8 years and has a life expectancy of more than 20 years.  Similar wheels have been tried and tested in the American market for 7 years now. We launched our first wheel at Nampo last year and our wheel is gaining market share in new centre pivot installations as well as the centre pivot wheel replacement market.  More and more irrigation farmers ordering new centre pivots are specifying that they want our flat free, maintenance free pivot wheels for the short and long-term advantages. Farmers are tired of constantly checking inflation pressures, repairing punctures, theft, wheels getting stuck and deep ruts caused by pneumatic pivot wheels.

Research and development is continuous and we are very excited to announce our new spoked Flat Free Pivot Wheel which costs less, weighs less, is stronger with better performance.

We are a proud South African Company, employing South Africans manufacturing a product that helps farmers and generates export revenues”.

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