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Background The machine works in Dirt Terrain at Active Hire. In deciding which tyres should be used for this clients requirements, the following was taken into consideration – Cushion effect to ensure that the machine was not negatively affected; The MMTWS was estimating a three times durability in comparison to a pneumatic tyre;and The proposition would be the most cost effective solution for the customer. 12” Solid cushion Front TLB tyres were recommended for this application.

Client: Active Hire

26th September 2017

The 12” Solid cushion tyres had a tread depth of 50mm when new. There was an average of 12.56mm wear on the tyres over a 1583 hour period. Therefore, according to the wear patterns being demonstrated, a total of hours exceeding 4500hrs are projected on this set of tyres. There are two phases in the life of the tyre. The first phase wears only on the lugs and the second phase wears on the remaining lugs and centre cushion built into the tyre. The second phase provides a 60% longer life because there is an increase in the contact area is increased.

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