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Harbour Container Handlers Machines

  • We supply solid cushion tyres for all Reach stackers

Machine types

Kalmar Liebherr Sany Hyster Taylor SMV Terex

Semi-Solid flexi cushion tyres/tires for Harbour Container Handlers Machines

  1. Pneumatic tyres get punctures which are costly and time wasting to repair underground. Our tyres cannot get punctures.
  2. Pneumatic tyres are pressure vessels are therefore are potentially unsafe if they are over inflated and burst.
  3. Pneumatic tyre pressures must be maintained. Our tyres don’t require any inflation maintenance.
  4. Foam filled tyres are pneumatic tyres that have been filled with foam, so the structure of the tyre has not been altered or strengthened in any way. Our tyres been developed as purpose made solid cushion tyres made with unique pure rubber compounds.
  5. Our tyres last 2.5 to 3 times the life of a pneumatic or foam fill.
  6. Foam filled tyres and pneumatic tyres suffer from side wall cuts and must be scrapped. Our tyres cannot get side wall cuts.
  7. Many synthetic pneumatic and foam filled tyres are made using chlorine as a constituent. Should these tyres burn then dangerous chlorine fumes are released from burning tyre. Our tyres are made from 100% pure rubber and only harmless hydrocarbons are released.
  8. Foam filled tyres are heavier than our solid tyres.

Semi-solid flexi tyres some times also called airless tyres/tires are suitable for all kinds of yellow metal plant such as:

Kalmar  Liebherr  Sany  Hyster  Taylor  SMV  Terex

Semi-solid tyres flexi tyres/ tires significantly outperform pneumatic tyres for certain “yellow metal” industrial, mining, construction applications. They last longer, do not puncture, no side wall cuts and reduce tyre running cost by 30% to 50%. This has been well recorded by major international users of heavy plant and is an irrefutable fact.   Generally, cost twice as much as standard pneumatic tyres. However, once pneumatic tyres are foam filled and or fitted with chains (standard practice) they cost the same or more and weigh more than the solid cushion tyres.  Universal practical experience over decades has proved that they last 3 to 5 times longer than pneumatics or foam filled pneumatics and save the user 25-30% in direct cost excluding machine downtime and scraps due to side wall cuts.